Gregory H. Meyers

As a former Per Diem Family Court judge, I have learned a tremendous amount about Hawaii's court system. Having seen cases from all sides of the aisle, I have gained a more complete perspective which I draw on to help my clients achieve positive outcomes. I understand the impact of the more organized brief that tells a story, provides a theme and consistently cites to authority for its assertions. By contrast, I now realize how much the brief that is poorly edited and stylistically inconsistent tends to distract the fact finder.   

I have played many roles in my 15+ year legal career, including: advocate, litigator, appellate lawyer, judge, mediator, arbitrator, decision maker, negotiator, counselor, therapist, instructor, trainer, manager, director, associate, law clerk and researcher.  These experiences have provided me insight into working with people, designing the best course of action and implementing ideas collaboratively with opposing parties to resolve matters fairly and equitably.

I am in this business to help people and I truly believe adversarial proceedings can be handled with dignity and respect and still lead to favorable results.

Education: BBA, University of Michigan (1997), JD, The George Washington University Law School (2001).

Licensed: Hawaii (2002), California (2004), Michigan (2016).

My zen is the ocean. I also thoroughly enjoy coaching basketball, paddling outrigger canoe and spending time with my family and friends camping or at the beach. For more information see my profile on LinkedIn or Avvo.

Emiko L. Meyers

I combine my 13+ years of experience with compassionate advocacy to deliver equitable outcomes for my clients. I listen to my clients to understand what outcomes they hope to achieve, then counsel them on their options given the facts of their case. At all times, I ensure my clients are part of the process.

Most importantly, as a wife and mother, I understand the significance of family and how preserving the family relationship is key to ensuring the well being of the children, parents and other family members. I am devoted to helping my clients  achieve a fair result where everyone can walk away from the experience with dignity and mutual respect. 

In addition to my knowledge of Family Law, I am well-versed in Landlord/Tenant Law, having worked with housing providers, landlords and tenants. I do this work because I care. Helping individuals and families seek justice is both gratifying and fulfilling. Because of my positive attitude and approach, I am easy to work with. 

Education: BA, Western Washington University (1998), JD, Seattle University School of Law (2003, Cum Laude)

Licensed: Hawaii (2005), Washington (2004), and Michigan (2016)

Current Community Involvement: YWCA Board Member, 2018 Kauai Bar Association Vice President

I enjoy hanging out with family, camping, relaxing by the ocean, and time on the water. For more information see my profile on LinkedIn or Avvo